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The Stop Coalition is encouraging Illinois businesses and organizations to speak out on Tenaska’s Taylorville Energy Center proposal through this open letter. To be a co-signer, please read the letter and fill out the fields below. Your company or organization name will be added to the list of signers.

Members of the Illinois State House,

We – the undersigned group of Illinois businesses, governmental bodies and not-for-profit organizations – strongly urge the Illinois House to Vote NO on any legislation supportive of Tenaska’s proposed Taylorville Energy Center (TEC).

This legislation would force Illinois consumers to subsidize Tenaska’s power plant by paying 9 times above market for the energy it produces. This would be $400 million every year - for 30 years - with no guarantee that the coal plant would produce power for the full length of the contract!

Crain’s editorial called this a “tax”. A Chicago Tribune editorial said, “Taylorville is not ready.”  We couldn’t agree more. If you needlessly increase our cost of doing business, you hurt our ability to hire employees, invest in our businesses, and provide products and services people rely on.

With cost increases on individuals, families, businesses, government agencies, and municipalities, this legislation would be felt in every corner of the State of Illinois.  Please protect us from this unnecessary increase to our costs.

The STOP Coalition

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