About the Stop Coalition

The Stop Coalition is a broad and diverse group of leading businesses, trade associations, advocacy organizations, and expert economic, environmental, and energy voices whose mission is to shed light on the potentially-disastrous unintended consequences to Illinois consumers, the economy and the competitive energy market should Tenaska Energy’s project be approved.

About the Taylorville Energy Center

Tenaska Energy has proposed building the Taylorville Energy Center (TEC), which would cost Illinois consumers and businesses $12 billion in increased electricity costs over the next 30 years.

By Tenaska’s own estimates, the Taylorville Energy Center would cost Illinois electricity customers hundreds of millions more per year over power from other sources. And the Illinois Commerce Commission’s  report to the General Assembly stated that this project could impose “high costs to ratepayers with uncertain future benefits, and uncertainties that potentially add to already-significant costs.” Since then, due to a fall in natural gas prices, the cost to consumers of this project has only become more expensive along with the relative price of coal.

At the end of last year, after heavy pressure from Senate leadership, the State Senate passed SB 678 to finance the Taylorville Energy Center – legislation that would cost Illinois families and businesses $400 million a year for electricity when Illinois already generates 30% more electricity than its residents consume  Now, Tenaska is doing everything they can to convince members of the Illinois House of Representatives to support this costly and unnecessary proposal.

Many members of the House know this is a bad bill, and the STOP Coalition is working with its member businesses, organizations, and individuals across Illinois to continue building opposition to the Taylorville Energy Center. Ultimately, it is up to the Illinois House of Representatives to decide if Tenaska Energy, a private Nebraska company, should get a guaranteed 30-year revenue stream and a profit subsidy that no other private business in Illinois has and that will cost Illinois consumers billions in added energy costs.

Important Stop Coalition information

Stop Coalition Members:

To join our organization, please contact Jeff Philips by email at jphilips (at) asgk (dot) com or by phone at 312-664-0153.



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